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What next?

Babbling brook

It is up to us to decide what we do, or do not want, and to ask our elected representatives in the Council and at Holyrood to put this to Government. We need to give them a clear steer as to what a Borders National Park would look like, and how it would work. Someone has to manage it - the legislation allows that this could be delegated to a local authority. That is a possible solution. Would SBC be willing? It already manages the proposed area. It is not beyond the bounds of possibility to envisage how they could manage it under a new designation. Would it really need any significant change? This is all up for discussion.

A scoping group has been formed whose task is to form a fleshed-out and detailed proposal to put firstly to the Scottish Borders Council, and then to the Scottish Government. At the moment, ideas on the boundary, constitution, remit and governing body make-up are being discussed within the scoping group and elsewhere. It is hoped that work will begin in March 2016 to distill a detailed proposal.

Please join this discussion. Put your comments/questions in below - but in particular we would like to know how you think a Borders National Park could benefit you, or might adversely affect you. All comments will be filtered for all the usual reasons and then published here within a few days with your name. We would like your comments by March 1st please if you want to influence the detailed proposal. After a more detailed proposal has been constructed, it will be published here and we will then ask for comments on this proposal.

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