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National Parks in Scotland

Sheep stell

Scotland has two National Parks, set up under the National Parks (Scotland) Act 2000 by the Scottish Parliament. This Act defined the aims of a National Park in Scotland in four parts:-

  • To conserve and enhance the natural culture and heritage of the area.
  • To promote sustainable use of the natural resources.
  • To promote understanding and enjoyment of the special qualities of the area by the public.
  • To promote sustainable economic and social development of the area's communities.

Apart from these aims, the Act is not particularly prescriptive. It does not require more bureaucracy, more interference. This gives us the opportunity to consider what a National Park in the Borders might look like, and whether we could design it to work for the benefit of the diverse groups who live and work here, as well as for visitors. Can we develop a fully-fledged proposal which satisfies the aims of the 2000 Act, which works for us, and which the Scottish Government can be persuaded to support?

The area of the Scottish Borders where the story summarised above is recognised as being part of its landscape and historic culture is tentatively outlined in this map. The boundary shown is meant as a starting point for discussion (you have to start somewhere) and is certainly not a stone wall, immovable and inviolate, defining where the National Park will be...

Please join this discussion. Put your comments/questions in below - but in particular we would like to know how you think a Borders National Park could benefit you, or might adversely affect you. All comments will be filtered for all the usual reasons and then published here within a few days with your name. We would like your comments by March 1st please if you want to influence the detailed proposal. After a more detailed proposal has been constructed, it will be published here and we will then ask for comments on this proposal.

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